Don’t Forget to Clean Your PVC Card Printer

To ensure the highest level of performance from your ID card or badge printer be sure to follow these simple printer maintenance steps. Each printer manufacturer will have different specifications for how printers should be cleaned, there are a few general rules of thumb for maintaining your printer and your printer warranty.

First clean your printer regularly. Most printer warranties specify you clean your printer every 1,000 cards it is a good habit to clean your printer every time you change the ribbon.  Make sure to clean the rest of the printer too along with the print head. By using a can of compressed air, you can remove dust and debris from important printer mechanisms. This will help ensure that your cards won’t get jammed or have streaks.

Make sure you use only the recommended supplies for your printer. Each manufacturer has cleaning kits developed specifically for use with their printers. Safe-Card ID Services carries the full line of printer cleaning supplies for Evolis, Fargo, Magicard, Datacard and Zebra printers. To order or learn more contact an expert at Safe-Card ID Services today.