EVOLIS HIGH TRUST® CONSUMABLES: Superior graphics, ease of use and eco-friendly

Printer RibbonThe Evolis High Trust® consumables bring together an extensive array of card profiles, monochrome and color ribbons, together with cleaning accessories, all tested and certified to personalize any type of card with first-class quality: IDs with a picture, driver’s licenses and even official identification cards secured with complex holograms.

With these consumables, Evolis provides ergonomic and worry-free products for a comfortable user experience. Evolis High Trust® consumables are designed to be installed and used easily. These are of premium quality, and are designed to extend the printer’s lifespan.
Ribbons are available embedded in a cassette system that allows easy insertion of the consumable into the printer. The Evolis High Trust® ribbon is automatically detected when in position while the calibration process is triggered automatically by the printer. With this unique identification feature, the user has visibility on the printing process and is aware of the remaining number of cards to be printed at any time during the process.

Please call and speak with a Evolis Printer Specialist at Safe-Card ID for you consumable needs.