FARGO® DTC1000 Joins the ENERGY STAR® Family

The FARGO DTC1000 printer/encoder recently achieved the ENERGY STAR rating from the US Government, joining the DTC4000 and DTC4500 which received the ENERGY STAR rating earlier this year. The ENERGY STAR label identifies high-performance energy-efficient solutions that support corporate green initiatives and help reduce costs. Green features on the DTC models include:


• Enhancements that enable printers to consume less energy when in standby or sleep mode.
• Default time for sleep mode is now five minutes, reduced from 2 hours.
• Printer is turned on and off via the power button, not by plugging or unplugging a power cable.
All FARGO ENERGY STAR models are now shipping: DTC1000, DTC4000 and DTC4500 (non-laminating models). For more information or to order your ENERGY STAR rated DTC1000 give any of the printer experts at Safe-Card ID Services a call at 888-485-4696.